A better deal for travellers
About us
Global Travel Ventures Ltd (‘GTV’) builds clever technology to create better deals for travellers

In January 2017 we launched the first independent rail ticketing website in Great Britain for 5 years and the UK’s first post-pay contactless bus ticketing system outside London.
www.ticketclever.com uses our in-house cloud technology to offer more cheap train journeys than anywhere else, saving up to 60 per cent compared with station kiosks or other websites for on-the-day purchases.    
Our mission
We believe rail travellers in Great Britain could save up to £40 million annually with ticketclever.com, based on the 95 million train journeys taken in the UK each year - so we did something about it.
ticketclever makes it possible to find lower cost alternatives to regular rail-fares quickly, often for exactly the same trains.
How does ticketclever find cheaper journeys?
We find cheaper multi-ticket combinations by checking millions of combinations to reduce the total cost when compared to ‘walk-up’ tickets.

The largest savings that our algorithms find are for on-the-day purchases with journeys of an hour or longer.  
What's next?
Our research arm, TediPay Ltd, has won two R&D grants from the UK Govt’s ‘innovate_UK’ for mobile ticketing and contactless bankcard pilots to make travel even simpler.  

Our pilot programmes, once proven, are then scaled into new customer services.     ​
Our investors
The company is funded privately and we are proud to have won innovate_UK grant support for research and development activity.
TediPay (UK) Ltd, MultiPass (UK) Ltd and Ticketclever Ltd are all wholly-owned subsidiaries of Global Travel Ventures Ltd.